Your home away from home was once a biscuit factory!
Research shows that the surrounding environment impacts our well-being. Beautiful surroundings can actually lower your pulse and blood pressure, creating a sense of harmony. We don’t know if you can actually prove it, but there’s no doubt about it. Living comfortably feels good. When the Mornington Longstay concept was being conceived, the building and apartment design was a key factor. Here, you should be able to live comfortably, for the Longstay. 


The history of these premises is unique. This was once the home of Stockholms Kexfabrik, one of Stockholm’s most popular biscuit factories! It’s where Aida, Nic Nac, Marie-kex, Albert-kex and other favorite biscuits were made. As much as three tons per day in fact! The factory was started up in 1948 by three entrepreneurs, one of whom was Helmer Persson from Ystad. He was actually a lawyer, but had a strong entrepreneurial drive, which led him to, among other things, start up the biscuit factory. The factory building itself was designed by architect Adrian Langendal, who, despite protests from Helmer, chose the finest Kolmården (Swedish) marble for each stairway. It must have been very costly at the time, but today, we value it for the charm and uniqueness it adds to the building. 


Back in those days, biscuit sales were very much dependent on the weather. When the sun was shining, people eagerly bought biscuits for their picnic baskets. But, in rainy weather, there was little interest in this particular British treat. The factory was shut down in the late 1950s and the machinery was sold. Helmer, however, was insistent on keeping the property in the family and the beautiful building at Voltavägen 17 is currently owned by his grandchild. It’s unique characteristics have been preserved and the old factory premises have been tastefully renovated into unique accommodations. 


Mornington Longstay has integrated the industrial style into every aspect of its design. There is a wonderful air of the past in each studio apartment and large doses of industrial romanticism. You might even say that the walls themselves exude an entrepreneurial spirit. Some say that the design has a New York feel, but we prefer to call it that special Mornington Longstay touch.


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